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123 HP Officejet 3830 First Time Printer Setup

First time printer setup is very much essential to handle Printer device in a prudent way to carry out hp printer functions over the documents. Initially, examine the fine place to fix HP Officejet 3830 Printer device firmly and proceed with execution of the below instructions over 3830 Printer device gently. printer setup and install
  • Unpack HP Printer from the Box
  • Connect the Power Cord to HP Printer
  • Install the Ink Cartridges
  • Load Paper into the Input Tray
  • Printer Software Installation

Unpack HP Printer from the Box

For safe unpacking of the printer device from printer box, stalk through the below steps to execute it completely:

  • Once reached the better place and fixed Printer device, next you have to hold it gently to unpack it to complete the whole 3830 printer setup.
  • Before starting with unpacking, set the place to be completely free from other spick and span and extend the hand to begin a printer unboxing.
  • Remove the colored tapes and stickers from outside of hp printer box and discard it gently to avoid hindrance during printer setup.
  • Once you opened printer box, you will have to take the accessories out and keep it aside for further fixing to the printer device.
  • Follow the HP manual, which is dispatched along with the printer box to know about more information in detail for further setting of¬†Printer device.
  • Finally examine the inner parts of printer device to remove the tapes and finally dispose all the tapes and stickers once you completed the printer setup.

Connect the Power Cord to HP Printer

Kindly follow the below procedure for gentle and secured connection over HP Officejet 3830 Printer device:

  • The next step to enjoy the printer functions from 123 hp oj3830 Printer device is to deal with connection of hp printer device to accelerate the power supply.
  • Handle the cable which needs to be connected between the computer and hp printer device and other side of the cable must be plugged to the electric socket.
  • Fix the one end of the plug to the rear part of Printer device and other end to the electric outlet on the wall to maintain the genuine power supply.
  • Kindly, check whether the connection is made directly to the devices, not with help of intermediate junction box to hold the power connection.
  • Align the devices in a closed and compact manner for the proper function of the gadgets to deliver the printing of the files quickly.
  • Finally, turn on Printer device and computer to confirm the connection for frequent execution of the printouts from HP Printer device.
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Install the Ink Cartridges

To enjoy the printing of the files from HP Officejet 3830 Printer device, just proceed through the below instructions:

  • To enjoy with colored and colorless printing works, you have to open the access door of 3830 Printer device to free the door from tapes and stickers.
  • On the ink cartridges, remove the protective cover from the ink cartridges so that it will be very easy to set the cartridges on the cartridge slots.
  • Hold the ink cartridges by touching the recommended portion of the cartridge to get it fixed on the slots of HP Printer device to manipulate the printer functions.
  • Be careful while holding the cartridges and then push it gently towards the slots of Printer device to follow the installation successfully.
  • Once the cartridges have been seated successfully on the slots of ink cartridges, you will hear some sound to confirm the ink cartridge installation on carriage slots. ink cartridges install
  • After installation, close the access door of HP Printer device to complete the ink cartridge installation process to proceed with print, scan, copy and fax.
Load Paper into the Input Tray
For the complete loading of papers on the tray of HP Officejet 3830 Printer device, follow the below set of steps for corresponding Printer device:
  • Before beginning with loading papers, open the input tray of 123 hp setup oj3830 printer device to wipe out the dust to further proceed with removal of tapes and stickers.
  • For successful loading of the papers, you have to arrange the sheets of papers and make sure that they do not mix with other paper type and must be of same quality.
  • Mount the papers gently to fit the input tray of HP Officejet 3830 Printer device to get rejoiced with flow of printing works from oj3830 Printer device.
  • After mounting the papers on Printer device, adjust the papers in such a way that it resides on the edge of the paper stack of HP Printer device.
  • Kindly, stretch out the extender to assist the printing of the documents from HP Officejet 3830 Printer device to support the wide features.
  • Once completed all arrangements, you just try to make test print from 3830¬†Printer device to confirm the loading of papers.
Printer Software Installation

To make your printer functions to be more magnificent, simply execute the below instructions for HP Officejet 3830 Printer device:

  • To comprise the HP printer functions with superior quality and consistency, you have to download and install HP Printer software applicable for printer model.
  • Through help of HP CD/DVD from the printer box, follow the genuine steps for the installation of HP Printer software on windows and Mac.
  • Installation of Printer Software will get you notified with periodic updates regularly to grant the access over the printer functions for HP Printer device.
  • To further supplement the printer functions from HP Officejet 3830 Printer device, this HP Software will let you to bind the features for printer functions.
  • To extend the supportability of the features and functions, make sure that you installed the firm version of the printer software for featuring the updates.
  • Once completed the installation of printer software, you will frequently get updates for soothing hp printer functions on Printer device.
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